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Hi There!   A warm welcome and thanks for stopping by my website!

Are you looking to honour and mark a special occasion with a distinctive, personalised celebration?

I see special occasions as signposts on your journey through life; important moments to share with your family and friends who support and love you in your day to day life. These times need to be celebrated in a such a way that they reflect who you are – your values, your beliefs, your experiences. In short, you’d like these events celebrated with a personalised ceremony, evoking beautiful memories – a truly significant celebration, whether it be for your experience of life, of love or of loss.

This is where I can help you!
I love working with my couples or families to create such a memorable celebration befitting the occasion. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your special event and how to celebrate it in your style.

I love and value my role as a Marriage and Family Celebrant helping people celebrate those significant moments, those important steps along each person’s journey through life. While we’re all so different, each of us wants to give meaning and find joy in the memories we create when we gather for those special times and celebrate life in all its diversity.

The Tree of Life concept has long appealed to me and so it was logical to incorporate the Tree of Life motif into my design of the logo for my Civil Celebrancy service to the communities of Bonnie Doon, Mansfield and surrounds in North Eastern Victoria and the fabulous High Country. I find the trees’ underlying concept of interconnectivity of all things inspirational.
I enjoyed creating my logo based on the Tree of Life. With its colourful array of ‘fruits’, together with its variation their sizing, I wanted it to reflect the rich diversity of people we encounter as we journey through life – each with our own song to sing! The warbling bird perched on the tree represents my role in helping you sing your own song of love, of joy, and of remembrance.

Time spent with you in relaxed meetings allows me to tune in to your wavelength, your hopes, dreams and expectations. This provides the foundation for a personalised, creative response.
I’d love to help you honour your special occasion with a unique celebration – be it any of my services, from naming ceremonies, marriage or commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows, milestone birthdays or achievements, a housewarming, an anniversary, or farewelling a loved one.
Feel most welcome to give me a call – I’d love the opportunity to talk with you about the significant occasion in your life that you’d like to celebrate in your way.

Warm regards and best wishes for your life’s journey!
Mary Anne Egan

Mansfield Celebrant, Mary Anne Egan, High Country Victoria

Celebrating life in all its diversity