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My Role


I see special occasions as signposts on our journey through life; important moments to share with our family and friends who support and love us in our day to day life.


These times need to be celebrated in a such a way that they reflect who we are ~ our values, our beliefs, our experiences and not forgetting our hopes and dreams. 

 I value my role as an Authorised Marriage Celebrant being entrusted with the privilege and joy of working with people at significant times in their lives - be it a Baby Naming, a House Blessing, a Marriage / Commitment Ceremony, or a Memorial / Funeral to reverence the life of a loved one. These are the times we gather instinctively to share the Couple’s happiness or to reflect lovingly on the individual who means so much to us. 

I believe that it is important that life is celebrated in all its many and varied forms – be it occasions of new life, love or loss - surrounded by those people with whom we live our days and support us with their presence, their love, their understanding, actions and their words

Wedding Celebration

The need to celebrate, to be involved in ritual, is ingrained in our psyche, allowing us to express ourselves in the way we see fit. 

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic we’ve experienced and learned anew the importance of family and friends and our deep need to connect with them. We witnessed creative means of expressing gratitude, or showing love and coming or being together, in spite of our ‘lockdown’ isolation.

As I write tonight, I’m thinking of all those celebrating the return of football, following a particular code rich in ritual, each making plans to ensure the game goes on despite restrictions. 

As each of us is unique, is different, our ideas on how we want to celebrate life will vary. I can help you celebrate life however it manifests at this point of time, in a way that best reflects your thinking, your values, and your style.

 In short, I’d love to help you!

Image by Simon Berger

Taking the first step...

Feel most welcome to give me a call ~ I’d enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about the significant occasion in your life that you’d like to celebrate in your way...


Celebrating Life in all its Diversity

As the Tree of Life concept had long appealed to me, it was natural to incorporate the Tree’s  motif into my design of the logo for my Civil Celebrancy service to the communities of Bonnie Doon, Mansfield and surrounds in North Eastern Victoria and the fabulous High Country.


 I find the Tree of Life’s underlying concept of interconnectivity of all things inspirational.

With its colourful display of ‘fruits’, together with its variation in their sizing, I wanted this tree to reflect the rich diversity of people we encounter as we journey through life – each with our own song to sing influenced by our diverse backgrounds, experiences, family traditions and dreams! 


The warbling bird flying in and perching on the tree represents my role in helping you sing your own song of love, of joy, and of remembrance.


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